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Solidarity for Empowerment Equality and Development

  • Training and sensitization for capacity building and awareness raising 

  • Creating self awareness  amongst women on their Rights and responsibility ​

  • Strengthening collaboration and partnership with local and national authority

  • Monitoring the impact of women at local and national levels

  • Sensitizing Girls on the value of Education 

  • Annual Award/Dinner Night


The Women's Forum Sierra Leone meets every last Saturday of the month to discuss issues affecting women and girls of Sierra Leone.




The African Women’s Development and Communication Network (FEMNET) is a Pan-African, feminist and membership-based network in Nairobi with over 800

members in 48 African Countries. The Women’s Forum Sierra Leone is a member of that network for almost six year now.


We attended their General Assembly four years ago in Kenya, sacrificially paid our subscription and were allowed to vote for the election of Executive Members. Executive Members are elected by region. For the West African

Region I (Women’s Forum Sierra Leone) was campaign manager for West Africa Region and Madam Dinka of Ghana won.


An African Society where Gender Equality is achieved and Women and Girls enjoy all their rights and live in dignity.

FEMNET exists to facilitate and coordinate the sharing of experiences ideas, information and strategies for human Rights promotion among African Women’s

Organisation through Networking, Communication, Capacity Building and Advocacy at Regional and International levels.


FEMNET was conceived in 1988. The Secretariat is in Nairobi Kenya with representations in five (5) regions of Africa.

FEMNET’s Primary focus are:

  1. Ending violence among women and girls

  2. Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

  3. Bodily autonomy

  4. Transformative Women’s Leadership

  5. Economic Justice and Rights

  6. Climate Justice and Natural Resources 

  7. Governance




The SHE LEADS is a joint programme of five international organisations namely; 

  1. Plan International Netherlands

  2. Defence for Children – ECPAT the Netherlands

  3. African      Women’s    Development        and    Communication   Network (FEMNET)

  4. Terfe des Hommes the Netherlands (TDH)

  5. Equal measures 2030 is a technical partner

The headquarter of the SHE LEADS Programme is in Netherlands.

It operates through a Consortium. In Sierra Leone the Consortium members are;

  1. Defence for Children International (at Tengbeh Town)

  2. Plan International (Riverside Drive, Red Pump)

  3. The Women’s Forum Sierra Leone (125 Circular Road). 

The SHE LEADS Consortium brings together, Child Rights Organisations and Girls and Young Women led groups aiming at increasing sustained influence of Girls and Young Women (GYW) on decision making and the transformation of gender norms in formal and informal institutions.


Main Objectives

  1. Increase acceptance of Positive Social Gender Norms (reason why it involves traditional/community  settings)

  2. Enhance collective action and activism by GYW in a Gender responsive Civil Society (reason for the involvement of CSO, Girls and Young Women –GYW groups)

  3. Enabling meaningful participation of GYW Groups in decision making (political) (reason for involvement Government, Chief’s etc.etc.)


Geographical Focus – It operates in nine areas in Africa

  1. East Africa – Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya

  2. West Africa – Ghana, Mali, Sierra Leone and Liberia

  3. Middle East – Lebanon and Jordan

It is quite clear that FEMNET and the Women’s Forum Sierra Leone have


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